You are different than the last person we talked to and you need to be treated as such. To this end we offer Internet Marketing services tailored to your specific need and not some cookie-cutter list. We are happy to discuss your business and your website with you to develop a strategy that will provided for the highest possible ROI.

Professional SEO

Content, Metadata & Technical Optimization

Gone are the days of generating hundreds of anchor text backlinks and stuffing dozens of keywords into website content to manipulate Search Engines into ranking your website higher in the organic results. These less than “white-hat” tactics have caused serious trouble for many online businesses who spend years trying to climb back up in the rankings and re-establish trust with the Search Engines and their clients.

Today’s organic SEO strategies are much better defined; from improving technical and structural components to help webcrawlers flow through your website more easily to optimization of your metadata and content so organic web searchers understand what your website has to offer and what makes you stand out from your competition.

Social Media Management

Social Media Engagement & Organic Link Acquisition

Many successful brick and mortar businesses can tell you that the key to happy, loyal customers is to keep them engaged. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin and G+ give us the opportunity to do just that in this new high-tech, virtual marketplace. But how do you begin the conversation and what do you talk about? That’s where we can help. The Beanstalk IM team will help you find your place in this huge online world – connecting you with leaders and social influencers in your industry and identifying hot-topics to keep your followers engaged between your regular promotions. The beauty about interacting with your peers and your customers is that it lends to the sharing of information via links in an organic fashion across different sectors.

SEM/PPC Management

Campaign Optimization, Maintenance, Consultation & Training

Reach more of your online audience through paid Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns. We can help you optimize and maintain your existing SEM efforts to increase conversions, set up new PPC campaigns with targeted keyword research or teach you how to do it yourself. With advanced conversion and analytic reporting, you can track the return on every dollar you spend, giving you the peace of mind that your advertising investment is getting you the best possible results.

Internet Marketing Consultation

Internet Marketing Consultation & Website Audits

Whether you’re new to the online world or have been sailing your way through it for years, there will likely come a time when you question whether you’re on the right course or could be doing more. Our team will take a look at every aspect of your online presence – from your website content and usability to your social interactions and backlink profile. We’ll see how you stack up to the competition and find areas to help you advance your internet marketing strategies. Sign up for a one-time audit and follow-up consultation, or retain us on a monthly basis for on-going consultation.


Not every person has the ability to put their ideas into words that will engage and inspire others, and with online businesses it’s essential to get your information out there and motivate people to act on it. That’s where our copywriting services come in. From informative page copy and action-oriented sales copy to engaging blog posts, in-depth articles and timely press releases we have a team of experts in many fields available to assist you with getting your message to your audience. Starting at $###/xx words, you’ll see the difference targeted copywriting can make in your internet marketing strategy.