WPengine Cyber Weekend Promo Code

WPengine Promo Code

A promo code for Cyber Weekend that gets users 30% off their hosting and can be combined with their annual discount.
Brand: WPengine
Manufacturer: Google
$29.00 New

For any of our visitors who’ve been on our hosting page or listened to me rant about web hosting companies you’ll likely also know that after bouncing around disappointed a number of times the Beanstalk site is now hosted at WPengine and has been for some time. The support has been excellent, our site hasn’t gone down and we’ve now moved a number of our clients there who have sites built in WordPress as well.  Heck, the coffee mug sitting on my desk presently is a WPengine mug … I’m that big a fan.

Well – for the weekend they’re offering a pretty awesome promo code so if your site is built in WordPress and you’re looking for excellent hosting now’s the time.  The current WPengine promo code gets folks 30% off their hosting but the better part is that it can be combined with their annual discount essentially getting subscribers the equivalent of 5 months free.

The WPengine promo code is: cyberwknd

You can visit their site by clicking here.

As with any promo code, simply select your package and enter the code at checkout.

Full disclosure – you can probably tell that I’m a huge fan of WPengine but I also like to make money.  The link above is an affiliate link.  I wouldn’t recommend them if I didn’t like them but I also won’t turn down money I can make doing something I’d do anyways.  If you’d rather just go straight to their site the code will still work. 🙂

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