WPengine 2017 Holiday Promo Code

WPengine 2017 Holiday Promo Code

We don’t often publish codes apart from our monthly publishing of updates Google AdWords promo codes to assist businesses just trying to get their feet wet. This one is going to be an exception.

WPengine is offering what I consider to be an excellent promo running from December 24th until the 31st and since we host our own site with WPengine I have no problems recommending it.

Get 25% off any WPengine package. Coupled with their annual discount this is 4.5 months free.
Brand: WPengine
Manufacturer: WPengine
$217.50 New

The Promo Code

The promo code gets you 25% off any of their packages. It’s a good deal I’m familiar with as I used the same one when I decided to move the Beanstalk site there. Coupled with their annual discount (2 free months) you can basically get 4.5 months free.

To get the deal visit:

The code should auto-fill however if it doesn’t it’s:

  • webweek2017

Why WPengine?

You may also be asking why we chose WPengine. When I was first signing up to move us over it was during a period of frustration with our old host who I won’t name here. They were horrible and it was lucky for me that WPengine was running a promo code specifically when I hit my peak of frustration and decided to leave that day.

I have my own migration tools for moving sites but I have tested the WPengine one and it works very well.  If you don’t have a migration tool that’s a big point in their favor.

The speed is really what drew me and I wasn’t disappointed.  Their stock speed is good but they have a CDN included with their pro package if you really want to kick it up.

We’ve moved a number of clients to WPengine and with the promo code, will probably talk to a few more with WordPress sites about moving as well.  They’ve never been disappointed either.

Also, the free SSL certificates don’t hurt.

A final feather in their cap is the included staging server. With the click of a button you can copy your live site to staging, run tests on it and push it back. Heck, you can even build a new site on the staging server, test it and push it live knowing it’s definitely supported on the servers you were building on.

Why Not WPengine?

The only downside (and it’s really worth noting as it might be big for some) is that they don’t do email hosting.  That means if your web host also hosts your email currently, you’d need to find a new one. It’s generally recommended to begin with but the convenience of having it all in one place, especially if you’re not familiar with setting this up yourself, can be alluring.

It’s also generally a small added cost (obviously, you need a host for it after all).

So If You Want To Switch Hosts To WPengine …

So, if you find yourself where I was, frustrated by my hosting company and feel WPengine is a good fit here’s the info once more:

To get the deal visit:

The code should auto-fill however if it doesn’t it’s:

  • webweek2017


Full disclosure folks, I’m a WPengine affiliate. I never recommend anything I don’t use myself but I also have a strong aversion to throwing money out the window and since I discovered they have an affiliate program I thought it only wise to join it. If you want to you can head straight to the WPengine site and use the promo code and get the same deal but hey, it won’t cost you anything to help pay this SEO’s holiday Visa bill. 🙂


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