Mobile Friendly Webdesign

Google Offers Mobile Optimization Tutorials This Week Through Google+

contentThis week Google will be offering web optimization tips through its Google+ channel. Yesterdays post covered three common configurations of mobile friendly sites, which include; responsive web design, dynamic serving and separate mobile urls and a chart to demonstrate the key differences. Today’s post discusses  which configuration is most recommended by Google – responsive web design.  Today’s post illustrated some concepts that have been stated before such as the need for Goolgebot to have access to page assets such as JavaScript and CSS. More details about responsive webdesign can be found on the site. Coming up later this week Google will also be discussing dynamic serving and separate mobile urls. With Google now listing mobile friendly sites with their own special tag in search results, having a mobile version of your website is more important than ever. If you don’t have one, definitely stay tuned for this weeks Google Webmaster posts to keep updated on best practice recommendations.

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