Let’s Get Visual

I know within seconds when I land on a website if I want to stay or bounce the heck out of there. In this vast garbage pail called the Internet there are endless amounts of websites and content to filter through. I often refer to this endless data as space junk so it’s a fantastic force of nature when you come across a real visually well laid out website. A golden onsite experience is visually intriguing, with stunning media and attractive content. These sites make you want to stay and play and fill your mind with Cliff Claven information.

Here are three great examples of visually appealing sites you can use to rethink about your own site experience and engagement.

Top 3 Visually Webtastical Sites of 2015

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 8.02.09 PMThis amazing web magazine sparks interest the minute you land. It’s highly visual well laid out home page grabs your interest; pulling you in and magnetically attracts you to it’s articles. This Webby award-winning site embraces what artistic content publishing websites should be. This layout works for both desktop and is just as amazing on mobile. Illusion will creatively inspire you and a definite bookmark.


Google Street Art

Google Street ArtI love community oriented sites and this is what Google has captured with its Street Art Project. Just by glancing at the home page it conjures up creativity and a love for the art in your own backyard. What’s great about this 2015 Webby award-winning site is that from the very moment you drive onto the page it becomes an interactive playground that gives the art a new dimension and feeling via animation. Highlighting these self-made artists opens up an underground art scene from one side of the world to another. This website is definitely a winner in my eyes.



hitRECordI’ve loved this site since its creation by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his brother Dan in 2005. Not only is this community based website a place where artists can collaborate with other musicians from around the world but get paid doing it. Although many who visit this site don’t need a introduction to what this site is all about it does an amazing job explaining itself at a glance. It’s rare to see websites these days explain themselves so quickly and if there was a 1 min elevator-pitch award this site would definitely get the job done. Visually , this site hit’s the mark by showing that it is community oriented and is for everyone by displaying everyday people. Add this to your playlist.


Leave your favorite websites below and a blurb about make it so visually special. We will choose the best one and feature it on our Facebook page.

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