Does the Latest WordPress Update Spell the End for Joomla and Drupal?


WordPress users got a new update this morning with version 4.2, this latest version named Powell after jazz pianist Bud Powell, brings in several refinements to the Theme Customizer and Plugins Screens as some new functions under the hood for developers to create more complex queries to the database.

The WordPress boffins also added support emojis, and extended character set used mostly for decoration, and web-font sets can now use these characters to add emojis that suit the look and feel of their font design.

But the biggest improvement of all may be the native extended character support for Chinese, Japanese and Korean character sets. This new, out-of-the box toolkit has really opened up WordPress to new users in these countries, and has the potential bring WordPress to markets that traditional use more static websites. Nothing on the confirms this, but my suspicion is that other extended sets are on likely on the way, like Arabic and Cyrillic.

So is this the end for Drupal and Joomla? Probably not, but the market has spoken, and WordPress was already a clear winner in the CMS arms race, but there are still developers and vibrant user communities for the platforms. That being said there’s just more reasons to switch over to WordPress, whether you’re already using a CMS or kicking it old school with a static website.

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