Designer’s Desktop: Photoshop CC 2015 Part Two

Last time we started looking at the new features and improvements the boffins at Adobe have come up with handy new tools and major updates to the way Photoshop integrates with other Adobe products.  So let’s check out more of what this latest updates offers.

Adobe Stock

In December Adobe announced it was going to acquire stock photo company Fotolia for not so low price of 800 million dollars, this was a subtle clue that stock photos were on their way to the Creative Cloud. Like Typekit, which allows cloud users to bring in premium typefaces to their projects; Adobe Stock brings stock image licensing tied right to your Adobe ID, with a discount offer to Creative Cloud Users you tack a stock photo account to your subscription.

The stock library is pretty standard fair, with photos, graphics and video clips, and prices are on par with iStockphoto before the discount. While it’s not the cheapest alternative when it comes to stack images it’s a bad deal.

Glyph Panel Enhancements

Some typefaces, like Adobe Calson Pro, have alternate glyphs per character to expand the palette of type options to the user. Finding these characters has been a bit of a menu quest in the past, but the redesigned glyph panel is major improvement over earlier versions, with a per character dropdown that shows the user all the available glyphs for that character. I know it’s a bit technical for the layperson, but for a typographer working in Photoshop it’s a dream come true.

Design Space

Although it’s really just a tech preview and mot a full feature update, Adobe’s Design Space layout is a new way of looking at Photoshop. The interface is parallel to Adobe’s Edge line of web tools, minimalist, flat, with high contrast icons, Design Space pulls out much of the clutter that the application panel interface, limits the tools to a simpler set gear towards designer working more on graphics as opposed to photo editing.

If you’re already a Creative Cloud user, updating to CC 2015 is as simple as opening the CC dashboard a clicking update. There’s much more in the latest CC suite update, it’s worth running some update while you’re out for lunch.

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