Is Winning the Link Lottery Bad?

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I felt like a Christmas Elf building links for my clients the last few months. The Question asked is creating a large amount of links too fast a bad thing?

This little blog from Barry Schwartz answers this question well. Balancing out the volume is extremely important but depending on the quality of links created. Like Barry says in the blog if the volume of links is from outstanding press and news Google will see that and look past the link volume. The problem ensues when there is very little news and social activity. This will definitely raise a red Flag.

Take your time and pace yourself with the links, unless your strategic campaign hit lots of press and social signal. If that was the case, enjoy the product of your work and look for its positive effects.

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  1. Terrance says:

    Its about the quality of links not the volume, I think people should focus more on branding there business and the links to there site will follow.

    • David Machenzie-Kong says:

      I totally agree with you Terrance. I still notice companies building bulk links. Quality is #1 with relevancy to the brand kept in focus as well as link building through PR is an optimal direction to take.