Wearable Technology Predictions for the year 2020


Gyspy with a crystal ball

Wearable technology will explode in the next few years bringing amazing advancements in design as well as usability. I placed together a few ideas that may come to pass or may never come to pass. I share with you a few of my predictions that we will see in the near future. I also introduce you to technological relationships that surprisingly will become a strong power team.

Press on nails by Lee will make a comeback with digital press on nails that will remotely be connected to Facebook where one smooth swoop will give a like on comments. It will also be connected to Google local where if a friend is in your vicinity their faces will appear upon your nails.


AOL will compete with Amazon for the name Myspace which both parties hope to name their digital underwear. The futuristic undergarments will provide warmth in the cold, vibrate when text messages come thru and third party apps will be made available. The most popular of the two will be named the TOM.


Ami James of the NY ink fame will have invented the digital tattoo. This nifty device is a thin LED device that is implanted under the epidermis creating up-loadable tattoos from your mobile phone photo library or third party apps.


Elaine Davidson, the Guinness Book Of World Record’s holder for most piercings will join forces with the then leading search engine Facebook on digital earring jewelry. This jewelry will have a social media technology making it possible for people to share short thoughts with one another via fiber optic slipped into the ear canal. These fashionable earrings will be adaptable with Netflix technology allowing individual to feel real life tactile effects when watching full streaming movies.


There is an end to toilet paper. Duck Duck Go will have created the first laser toilet that cleans as well as disinfects the patrons bottom. Not only will it clean those hard to reach areas but will scan and measure your intestinal health with an option to share on social media or other platforms.
“Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real.”
― Jules Verne, Around the World in Eighty Days
Leave a comment below with your best wearable technology prediction. I will choose the best from the comments below and feature your invention on the blog and mail you a Starbucks gift card. Good luck and enjoy.


  1. Margaret McCormack (Neko Babaa) says:

    My wearable technology idea would be anything that I can put on Pablo and Butters, my cats, like an awesome cat-cam that would record everything they do in the daytime, their visits etc. 🙂

    • David Machenzie-Kong says:

      Ha Ha! I like it when people place the go pro cams on their pets. My favorite video is the eagle POV