Are Unskippable YouTube Ads A Good Idea?

I can’t tell you how much I dislike the unskippable YouTube Ads. I just want to get to my video watch it with none of the nonsense. I had a fun read about unskippable ads on You Tube By Greg Jarboe from Momentology. He discusses the ebs and flows of YouTube True View Ads and the dreaded Unskippable ad.
Jarboe introduced me to the Geico’s unskipable ad and for once I actually stayed through the whole video clip and it kept me fully entertained.

I was getting worried that this could be the end to my enjoyment on YouTube. It gave me a new hope that marketing was getting smart by focusing on creating compelling video and getting to know their audience a little better. It definitely shows that creating a smart video campaign is valuable and is worth the time and effort. If you haven’t read through Greg Jarbo’s article on Momentology yet then head over by clicking here.


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What are your favorite Unskippable YouTube Ads?

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