Twitter Updates It’s Direct Messaging Function

Two blue birds with FAQ balloons

Twitter has now made it possible to send and receive direct messages without having to follow the recipient. This new message update began rolling out worldwide today. I personally think this is a great thing. I find when I need to make communication with a brand or blogger a Facebook direct message has been the most successful.

Although this new feature is a great thing it can quickly get out of hand. More companies will take this and run with it enabling them to spam more or receive unnecessary messages. Unlike Facebook, Twitter doesn’t have the ability to discern whether the message is spam. Here’s how to enable and disable this function.

Step 1: Click on your profile pic in the top right corner. Then click on settings

Step 2: Click on Security and Privacy

Step 3 : Scroll to the bottom click the box if you would like to receive direct messages even if you do not follow them.


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