Tweet-tastic Networking Tips on Twitter


I’ve always used Twitter for networking purposes. In fact I’ve had great  success when looking for cooperative campaign potentials, as well as connecting personalities with the right industry. It’s a very strong tool if you know the tricks of the trade.

I like to treat Twitter like an ongoing networking party moving in and out of different industry groups as well as different conversations. This of course is something I’ve committed to do on my own time and has proven to have paid off. Twitter is a great spot to maintain and build supporting long term relationships. I always make sure when I see potential personalities in an industry they go into individual lists. When an opportunity rises I move in and make the connection. Don’t disregard new and up and coming personalities, I’ve noticed that influence often burn out after time and that fresh influence can open new doors and campaign avenues.

Twitter can be full of journalistic opportunities. It can be great for content creation but also connecting you to journalists that are looking for PR requests. There are two top hashtags that journalist and bloggers use to help them find connections to help with certain projects.
#JournoRequest and #PRrequest

These two hashtags have been a way of bringing the networking party to me. I’ve met some great folks here as well as connected personalities to journalists looking for a little help. Twitter definitly shouldn’t be neglected as a tool in today’s modern style of linkbuilding.

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