Tips To Acheiving Your Best In 2015


nEW yEAR 2015

The New Years is about remembering last year’s achievements and failures and welcoming in the promise of a new beginning. What if there were more failures than achievements? You’ve tried everything in the marketing book to help get you somewhere but it all seemed to burn a hole in your pocket than do any good. Maybe your flow of inspiration and creativity feels like it’s dried up and nothing seems to work.

Business can be discouraging and at best it can knock you off your feet. As a previous business owner I know that owning a company can suck every ounce of energy from your system. This can leave you sleepless worry filled and often anxious. Not only do you invest countless dollars into this monetary machine but you invest your whole lives into keeping the beast working. It can take away from any investment we should have in ourselves. After a long time of not investing in you it can be terribly hard redirecting any energy back into your personal life. We often forget that you are just as important as the business your running and an equal amount of effort should be allotted to you.
Here are some tips to help you work towards achieving the best New Year personally, economically and probably for business.

Get out of your digital back end and move. Our bodies are not meant to stare endlessly at a computer screen for hours on end. Make sure you get up stretch and move around often. Make time to go on a lunch break walk but leave your smart phone at the office. Ask a workmate to go with you but really focus on your surroundings. This will help renew the mind. Fitness helps with corporate productivity and many leading companies are recognizing this and offer programs to their employees. Just have a look at this Forbes article By Patrick Riche.

Creativity is an important role for productive marketing. We can become stale and conceited with our content and visual design. Incorporating creative opportunities such as joining cooking, art or even gardening courses can help keep those creative juices flowing. Do something but don’t do anything similar to what you do for a living that can only take away from your ultimate goal of improving your profitable skills. Jonathan Morales released an article from San Francisco State University on creative productivity. Have a read

Communication is actually what makes the world go round. Communication can build something up but it can also destroy things. Knowing how to apply communication should be part of a foundation for everyone; business owner or not. Investing in these skills can enhance your overall achievements. What is Effective Communication ? Read this helpful article from HELPGUIDE .org by authors Lawrence Robinson, Jeanne Segal, Ph. D., and Robert Segal

Here is another blog by Florence NG of “udemy blog” that gives some great tips to help with effective communication.

At the end of the day take care of you try not to feel guilty from removing yourself. Find ways that benefit you because this will more likely benefit the world around you including your business and earnings. Have a wonderful New Year.

San Francisco State University

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