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The Canadian Election – Missing the Mark on Social Media

imgresToday is an important day for all of us Canadians. It’s the day we cast our votes to determine the Canadian Prime Minister.

It’s projected that there will be record voter turn outs for this election that many are attributing this to the power and influence of social media. While most social savvy users have seen an endless stream about the importance of voting throughout their social feed, often using hashtags such as #GoVote, #CanadaVotes, #studentvote15, and #Elxn42; one surprising factor is the lack of leveraging popular hashtags by the parties themselves; instead they are using party or slogan based hashtags (albeit some parties are using the #Elxn42 hashtag sparingly in Tweets.)

So have candidates missed the social mark for this election? I think most have. By excluding hashtags where people are encouraging each other to vote and are actively discussing the issues, they may be thwarting their own ability to engage in the conversation with potential supporters. The full impact of social media canvassing may be a game changer. While it did not reach it’s full potential in this election, hopefully all parties will realize it’s power in elections to come.

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