SpaceX Hits a $1bn Home Run Investment Deal With Google

Satellite, spacelab or spacecraft surveying Earth

It’s the investment deal that makes the headlines shine for this New Year. SpaceX has earned a recent $1 billion dollar cash injection from Google and other sources for space innovation. Google along with SpaceX founder Elon Musk have high hopes to be flying people to mars and Satellites that provide internet connection to the farthest parts of earth. Google’s main intention is more about creating accessible information and applications by use of space technology.

According to Cnet, Musk has confirmed that his company will be constructing and deploying 700 advanced satellites to provide low-cost internet access. That’s roughly 4,000 satellites orbiting the earth 750 miles above the earth worth around 10billion dollars.


  1. Terrance says:

    Wow if they develop high speed internet from space kiss the cable company’s goodbye.

    • David Machenzie-Kong says:

      I agree Terrance, It’s a big WIN for everybody.Moving In The Right Direction.

      • David Machenzie-Kong says:

        I love your Inflatable Bouncy Castle Business Terrance. I think the shark one with teeth is super cool!

  2. David Lee says:

    This is great news! Great agreement that is clearly mutually beneficial for Google and SpaceX – and, hopefully for all those people that would gain access to the Internet, especially in remote areas. Thanks for sharing!