Measuring Social Media

measure socialWhen implementing social media strategies it’s important to know how effective they are by measure of your return of investment.
Are your social media efforts increasing traffic to your site? A strategy always has a time line so keeping tabs on your sites analytics between the beginning of the campaign to the end of the campaign will reveal the numbers you may want to count for.
You may want to have a look at the bounce rate during this time; has it increased or has it dropped? This will show that the value of your sites content and layout. It also shows that your brand reflects your social personality.
If you place a blog on Reddit and it brings traffic your way but the bounce goes up with it. That is a sign that people liked your content but got to your site and hated it. This is a perfect opportunity to adjust your sites content and fill it with what truly interests your audience. Maybe they may find a blog or a resource page to share or link out. These social markers are very important; they are very real and most importantly give you a chance to mirror your public personality.

Always measures your engagement. The discussions created from the content you published or how many retweets you conjured up will show that people didn’t just sweep by your post. If there was strong engagement, then this content may be something to add into your sites content platform. Remember a simple cut and paste of a url isn’t going to get attention pictures, videos as well written descriptions will do it. Always remember to respond.
Facebook boosting isn’t a bad idea. It gives you some of the best targeting tools as well gives you some really great metrics. It’s known today that a FB page won’t sell itself and you will need to boost or have a brand evangelist to help push out the content. If you do have a brand evangelist keep track of their engagement. Brand evangelists will give you a stronger organic count in your FB analytics and reach a solid market.

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