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Online marketing can be tough but it can be tougher for the small business owners. I always try to write information that could help provide the small business owner with somewhere to start. I believe if we can encourage a better economy locally then soon enough our overall economy will thrive much better. When I come across information that could potentially help boost our small business friends then I feel a real need to share it.

I found a neat little article with some very good points to take home written by Penny Fox from Business 2 community. She sums up a few things that I’ve been discussing in the past week and she does a really good job of it. She discusses Using A/B testing for buzz marketing words, definitions as well as pictures and text copy. A/B testing is a great way of figuring out what your community is naturally looking for helping you optimize your future strategies.

Like I’ve said before, being your most simple self on social media is a sure fire way of hitting online social success home. At the end of the day this is what is going to make the most impact and trust between you and your audience.

Tell your story. Every company, customer and viewer has a story and your supportive community wants to read that. Go out of your way of producing content that tells your brands story and remember to go as far as bringing your clients story to your page. You just might find that you have more in common with the people that support you in the long run.

Last but not least Penny discusses having a content strategy. Like I said in my blog post on community this is very important. Once you have a good feel for your own community you will have a better sense on what content you can schedule in to make the most impact and help you from creating content that begins to draw you away from your clients making them less connected.

I encourage you to have a read Penney’s blog and begin to try to apply some of these practices. When I see these small steps applied to a social strategy I almost all the time see big gains.

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Penney Fox is a Social Media Strategist at Fox Interactive Consultants.
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