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A recent article that caught my eye was from Search Engine Land By Myles Anderson. “75% of small & Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs) Say Internet Marketing Is Effective” In this article he explains the ins and outs of the recent BrightLocal survey done from 736 survey responses. 95% of those that responded were from North America. For a long time there was less interest from small companies to market on the net but with upward trends and advancements in mobile, social as well as integrated marketing more SMBs are moving in this direction.

Today mom and pops work hard to market their company via use of social but often tend to neglect their main site or vice versa. Losing money and not seeing many gains can show to be very destructive for them and their company. Knowing that the one guarded item on a person at all times is their smart phone where in my opinion is the 24/7 gateway for great marketing potentials. If somebody is looking for a store or office they will most likely be using this item to find out where it is. Or they are checking in through Facebook.

Knowing how to directly target you clients or potential clients is priceless. Many more companies are selling online and often balance out their survival to stay open by doing so. If your company is small and you can only afford to do your own internet marketing it’s important to know where to go for education. In fact if you found this article then you’re searching in the right direction.
If you can afford an internet marketing agency make sure they have a strong presence on the web and follow a code of ethics that suits your needs. It’s not your interest to start with an IM company and find yourself in a Google penalty. Research the company read their blog but the biggest advice I can give you is study enough to understand about what strategies you may take with the possible company of hire.

As you can see from the survey this will be the strongest avenue to take when marketing your company. Take some time to read about the industry, understand the vocabulary and be willing to make the internet your friend.

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