SEO Neil Patel- Talking About Imposter Syndrome


I woke up today and started off with reading SEO Neil Patel’s article on SEJ called “18 Areas os Knowledge Every SEO Must Possess”. What really caught my eye was when Neil talks about imposter syndrome. I thought it was great and that he did a great job. When I first started SEO/Internet marketing I knew what worked for me and grew off of that but at times I was uncertain if what I was doing was SEO.

There were so many professionals out there writing massive articles with lengthy nerdy vocabulary; I began to feel very little. It wasn’t until networking within the industry my tactics and way of thinking was very similar to what everyone was thinking or doing. My empowering moment was when I went to PUBCON in Las Vegas and was able to have a one to one conversation with many of these amazing marketers. We saw at eye level and when discussing the business we both almost all the time left learning something from each other.

My favorite quote from Neils Article is; “We’re SEOs because we happen to possess knowledge and ability”. Booya!

If you are new to the industry I definitely recommend getting used to the continual learning curve. Become one with it because it is continually evolving. Most importantly create a community for yourself with like minded professionals. Go to conventions, join in on SEO conversations on social media because at the end of the day, New or Vet to the industry we all strive forward in the same way.

Neil Patel is SEO based out of Seattle Washington and co founder of KISSmetrics

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