Sage Lewis & Some Free Hot Dogs

sage-mayorWe don’t get into politics much on this blog unless an issue specifically affects the Internet. While today’s story doesn’t involve politics that will directly impact it, it does involve one of the best folks in SEO.  Akron resident Sage Lewis has gotten fed us with what he’s been seeing going on in his fair city and so in turn he’s going to be feeding the residents.

Initially Sage was going to be running as a Democratic candidate but things got a bit … shall we say … messy when it came to the verification process of the signatures he’d collected to run when they only accepted 41 of the 65 signatures he’d collected.  So Sage has now decided to run as an Independent and thus must get 367 signatures though he’s decided that it’s a safer bet to go straight for 1,500 just to be safe.

But What About Free Hot Dogs !!!

“Enough about that,” you’re probably saying, you just want to know about these free hot dogs.  Sage is giving out free hot dogs at Cicero’s Chicken & Pizza.  His hope is not that you’ll necessarily vote for him (though he’s a solid guy and a great choice).  No, he’s just hoping that you’ll be one of the signatures that will allow him to run.  But of course being the solid guy he is, the signature or even being a registered voter isn’t necessary.  The hot dogs are free either way.

So, if you’re in the Akron area and feel the democratic process could use a breath of life, head on down to Cicero’s Chicken & Pizza on July 11th from noon until 1:30.  An if you need directions … here they are:

And to keep updated on the campaign and maybe learn a bit about the process you can read his blog at

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