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For those visiting this page after September 17th, 2015 – you are likely aware and as saddened as we are at the passing of Dana Lookadoo.  The page you are on now relates to a fundraising run that Beanstalk’s CEO Dave Davies did.  Probably not what you’re looking for.

We did write a piece here on Dana’s struggle, passing and love from the community at large.  It’s short as words can’t really do justice to her life and the impact she had on those who were fortunate enough to know her.

THE RUN IS DONE: In 48 minutes and 18 seconds. It’s important to remember though that while this leg of my part is complete, there’s still a long and very expensive road ahead for Dana and you can continue to donate right through her website using the link below to her story.

Thank you so very much to everyone who donated and made this the success I was hoping it would be. For those who got perks, I’ll be contact you through the week of October 12th to get that set up.

You’re awesome everyone. 🙂

Most of us know Dana Lookadoo and for those who don’t … you should.

On November 14, 2013 Dana was in an accident … a bad one.  Her neck and back were broken and she wasn’t going to walk again.  Well … that’s what she was told.  I can’t do justice to the journey she’s been on and I won’t try.  She journaled a lot of the early days on her blog.  A great read if you want to feel like you’ve had it pretty easy this past year and you can do so at http://danalookadoo.com/personal/journaling-my-cycling-accident/.

The long and short is this … medical attention and rehabilitation is expensive in the US and the accident was enough to have to deal.  I dont’ know and haven’t asked what the total of the bills are but from what I know a couple day stay to deliver a baby costs … this hasn’t been cheap.  So what do we do?  Well, if you’re Laura Lippay and have some artistic talent you paint Pandas and Penguins and auction them off on eBay and donate your proceeds to Dana.

I don’t have any artistic talent.  That’s a big part of why we don’t do design here at Beanstalk but what I do have is a body that can do stuff.  And so on October 12th I’ll be running the 8km (5 mile) version of the Victoria Marathon (sorry … not ready to challenge 26.2 miles).  I’ve been trying to get ready for it at the YMCA across the street for the past month-or-so.

So here’s the score.  I can currently do 8km in about 58 minutes (give-or-take) on a treadmill.  Below you can donate either a flat amount (super-appreciated) or a performance-based amount that will grow the faster I can run the 8 kilometers (details below).  Aside from feeling great about doing something nice for a fellow SEO here’s what else we’re offering:

If your base donation is:

  • $50 to $99 – I’ll send out a big thanks on Twitter.
  • $100 to $199 – I’ll send out a thanks on Twitter and give you a shout out on my radio show on WebmasterRadio.fm.
    Bonus offer – If you’re attending Pubcon and donate more than $150 Kristine Schachinger have volunteered to get you to the airport after the show on Friday. 🙂
  • $200 to $499 – Twitter, a radio shout out and thanks and big thanks right here on this page.
  • $500 and above – OK, you’re awesome.  You get Twitter, a shout out on the radio, a thanks here on this page and the first three get an hour of link consulting with either Mr Eric Ward or Jim Boykin.  I should note that I only get one hour per month with Eric so the months to choose from with be October, November and December and I’ll let them be selected in the order the donations are received.Here’s what we have left of the limited perks:An hour consulting with Eric Ward – 2 of 3
    An hour consulting with Jim Boykin – 3 of 3

To be clear, the perks are for the per-performance-based calculations so to get them … you have to commit to a solid base donation. 🙂

I’ll be reporting my times here on this page as well as on Twitter as soon as I finish my run and contacting folks with Performance payment links the following Monday.

Thanks in advance for the donations folks.  Unfortunately they aren’t tax deductible but they’re for a great cause.

Donations are now closed.


Here’s a list of the donors and their levels …

$500+ Donation:

$200 to $499 Donation:

 $100 to $199 Donation:

  • Rob Woods
  • Annie Crushing
  • Adam Proehl
  • Rexanne Hughes
  • Dave Davies
    www.beanstalkseo.com 😉
  • Anonymous
  • Kristine Schachinger
    The Vetters
  • Kim Kraus Berg
  • Gabriella Sannino
  • Ross Jones
  • Matthew Brown
  • Nick Wildson
  • Marie Haynes
  • Tony Dimmock
  • Edgar Pabon-Hernandez
  • Bill Slawski

$1 to $99 Donation:

  • Ruth Burr Reedy
  • Laura Prescot
  • Marlene Goodwin
  • Steph Woods
  • Anonymous
  • Ryan Jones


  1. Laura Prescott says:

    sometimes healing takes a lot of patience

  2. Suzy Stockdale says:

    If you want to send a check, what is the address?

    • ddavies says:

      Hi Suzy, Dave here.

      Checks can be sent directly to Dana at 9580 Oak Avenue Pkwy., Suite 7-277, Folsom, CA 95630.

      Thanks so much !!!

      If you’d like the perks just let me know how much you’re sending to her (email to dave at beanstalkseo dot com).

  3. UPDATE of my latest condition:

    I was making excellent recovery until I fell on my back and twisted my ankle on June 19, 2014. Since then my nervous system has gone haywire. I have burning neuropathic pain in legs and some in torso and arms. Spasticity and tone (tight stiff muscles) has resulted in reduced mobility.

    I’ve had multiple tests to evaluate increased pain and tingling, numbness in hands, and some lost function.

    A nerve conduction study during which they shocked and poked my arms and legs. It showed a condition in my right foot (RSD) and peripheral nerve damage to my right hand.

    X-rays of neck and back – nothing broken, thankfully.

    MRIs of my neck, thoracic, and lumbar area. There is a spot that shows softening of the spinal cord at C5/C6. Otherwise, clear.

    Now we are left with fighting the spinal cord and mixed up signals sent to the nervous system and to muscles.

    I’m in for the fight and have stopped working to devote 100% of my time to recover! I sooooo appreciate Dave’s initiative to raise awareness and funds to help with the medical and care expenses!!! Thanks to each of you who are able to help and be part of my quest to walk (and type and write) again!