If You Don’t Understand People, You’re Out of Luck

trustWith the way technology is today it’s amazing there is any human connection at all. Technology and various devices have sped up the rate at which we can communicate. It is also is shaping general societies way of connecting with the world. Communication for many is changing how we word things, how we sell things but also how we connect to each other.

If you take a hand full of social media posts or advertisement it primarily is one sided thinking. Most content we see from many businesses continue to talk about how fabulous they are and why you need them. That is a disconnection. The more we see a disconnect, especially in our marketing ventures the more we lose trust and when there is no trust we begin to lose business.

relationshipTo remedy this is to reach out for connection, spend time in a physical natural environment and asses how humans are developing. Social media can give us the false effect of human connection but in no way is it true human interaction. By paying attention to true human connection will benefit how and what we produce for the the digital social world. This may help us build better content , connect with our audience but most importantly create trust.

I would like to discuss this a little further but instead I ask you to watch this 2011 video of Simon Sinek. He discusses how important is to build trust and relationships for the survival of our race as well as thriving as ideamakers.

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