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Charlie Sheen has been ‘winning’ a lot lately, even if you’re having a hard time figuring out what exactly has been going through his mind. The message hasn’t been very clear, but the results are phenomenal.

Charlies recent “Winning Recipes” video on FoD begins with a few notable quotes:

“I am living the life of a rock-star Vatican assassin” and “..if you hadn’t noticed I’m ‘winning’ television right now..”

Followed by his desire to be the “first person to make an appearance on every television network”!

To cement the intro Charlie reveals that he was the first to “build my own rocket-ship to Cassiopeia using only my mind-tools” and “first person to get one million twitter followers in 24hrs!”.

The last quote is backed by the Guinness Book of World Records, and is no small achievement to be very honest.

How does a person step ‘out’ of the limelight and leverage web-casts and short interviews to double their star power? Magic? Tiger blood? Who knows; The tests for narcotics are coming up false, so we’re all scratching our heads on this one.

It’s almost like Charlie sat down, read a marketing handbook for SEOs, and said, “I just need to be honest, reach out, make some accessible videos, and stop taking everything so seriously.”.. Is Charlie Sheen some comical messiah marking the flop of TV and the dominance of the Internet?

Speaking of which, how much do you think an SEO would charge, and what sort of time line would they place, on a campaign for a keyword like “winning”? Charlie is linked to first page results on Google for “winning”, half the video results link to him, and if you leave the general search and hit News, Discussions, etc.., you have to be a recently successful pro sports team to rank for “winning” along side Charlie.

One thing is clear, he’s having a great time, and any man who closes with the warning, “the taste of Charlie Sheen has the potential to cause your soul to weep”, clearly isn’t taking himself too seriously. Which would be hard to do when his “body is a Lockbox of Diamonds, Uranium and Assassin Nobility”.

Remember what Charlie says, if you’re not in the Korner(sic) winning, you’re a troll; “Sizzle. Losing. Bye.”

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