Search News: November 5, 2015

November 5, 2015: This Day In Search

Search News: November 5, 2015

I was looking through all the day’s stories trying to pick the most important to write about and I’ll be honest, I just couldn’t.  So many great subjects were covered int he news today that it was impossible so today we’re going to do a roundup of the recommended (dare I say … required) reading of the SEO industry.  So let’s begin …

Social Media Marketing Guide For SMBs
Published just in time to discuss it on my radio show, the guide in question covers some important key points for small and medium businesses.  Written by David Brown and including quotes from key marketing folks it’s 4,000 words of wisdom.  It includes quotes and feedback from Brent Csutoras, Ann Smarty, David McInnis, Andy Beal, Kristy Boslinger, Kristine Schachinger and Beanstalk’s of Mary Davies.  Highly recommended reading.

How Google Looks for Rich Snippet Spam
Rich snippets are an important part of any technical SEO strategy.  They help provide the engines’ with additional information regarding your website and it’s products/services.  Unfortunately as fast as the snippets were supported they were abused.  Today The SEM Post’s Jennifer Slegg discussed the subject after the following Q&A Tweet with John Mueller:

Pages With App Interstitials Now Lose Mobile Friendly Ranking Boost
Also discussed on The SEM Post is the loss of Mobile-Friendly ranking “boost” (or at least mention) for sites with app interstitial.  This change will be a big blow to large publishers and marketing firms though personally I’m glad to see them gone.

 Pip-Boy Now Available
While it has nothing to do with search I have to touch on it, the Play Store now offers a Pip-boy App for those who just can’t wait for the November 10th launch of Fallout 4.  It will provide added functionality to the game itself and gives yo something to do while you wait out the next few day.

10 Things People Want To Know About AdWords
And finally … Search Engine Land writer Matt Lawson covers a Q& A session with Google where we finally get the answers to 10 of the most asked questions.  Is yours among them?

Normally we don’t like to simply note the top stories but today it just seemed to make sense. With so much going on but no single major event, we thought we’d just keep you up-to-date on the landscape.

If you know of any additional stories of the day that should be included do comment below.

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