Five Key Elements For Nonprofit Content Marketing

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Nonprofit fundraising is not easy and often takes the right mix of content marketing to help bring in those sponsors. There are 5 key elements that must be part of every long term strategy for both onsite and social. These key elements balance each other out but also give different depths to the campaign. They help continue the story but from different perspectives. People speak, hear and relate in different perspectives and it’s honestly important to have that connection as the campaign moves on. Here are 5 short tips to help you progress on your nonprofit fundraising journey.

Story: Every campaign has a story that reflects why this cause is important to them. This story shouldn’t be long winded but gets to the heart as well touches on those emotional cards to have the audience follow through. Never bring up money or fundraising within this story as that always turns heads away. Write honestly, from the heart and be very visual about the whole reading experience.
Interviews: Bring in influence within the campaign that can help bring different levels of appreciation for your story. Interviewing authorities in the field can bring a logical interest for the current audience but at the same time bring in interest from another audience widening your scope.

Videos: Humans have always been captured by video. Humans pay attention to faces and voices have the ability to convey information directly. We are attracted to movement and with our shrinking attention span our world is becoming busier just to grab as much attention as we can. Videos also allow us to control the emotional response we need to drive a call to action. We are vibrational beings and music can make many humans tune into their emotional natural primal response.

Chronicle First Person Experiences: Social media is here to stay. We all have a hard time staying away from it because we are born naturally curious beings. We respond to news distributed by our friends and our friends-friends. We have an element of trust already placed with these people so we are more willing to take information from them. Chronicling first person experiences give the campaign a trust factor because these people are real they are Mothers, Fathers, Sisters and Brothers. They are like you and me without our professional hat on. This content is more often shared socially than any other content out there. It drives the campaign directly into the tribe camp and more likely brought up at the coffee table.

Pictures: Use lots of pictures as much as you can and anywhere you can. Be careful, don’t throw just any picture up make sure they are relevant and maintain your story. Use pictures for live social journalism on your social media platforms. Pictures are what grab the attention of the person; it truly is the worm on the hook. Make sure it maintains the story and you don’t throw too many up. This is distracting and automatically distracts the potential fish. Never put plain content out there.

These five simple but highly important content ingredients is what will drive up your return of investment in the form of funds. Do it well and it will work for you do it wrong and it can be a waste of time. Make sure you go out with a strategy before you publish any content and make sure you take it consideration of the good and the bad. Nonprofit content marketing can be very powerful; use it well.

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