Happy Nikola Tesla Day

Nikola Tesla and his Tesla coils.

Today marks the birth of one of the finest brains the planet Earth has offered up.  When we think of the great minds of science Nikola Tesla too often gets lost among the names of often lesser minds who happen to have been more marketable (I’m looking at you Edison).  I should note that after Da Vinci, Tesla is my personal favorite among the scientists of the modern world.  As I type that I realize how incredibly nerdy that sounds/is but I thought it relevant to the note my bias. 🙂

What Makes Nikola Tesla Great?

I’ll keep things short and sweet in today’s post and link below to a ton of great resources (many funny and/or edgy so the read shouldn’t be too dry in case you’re worried).  Here’s what he’s known for among those that even know his name:

  • He held 111 patents.
  • He invented the radio.
  • He invented the AC motor.  He was in a battle with Edison who championed the DC motor.  Tesla was right, Edison was remembered.
  • He invented devices for X-rays.
  • Dramatically improved the efficiency of the movement of electricity through cables (basically making it possible to power homes).
  • Robots. (seriously … he invented the first robot)
  • And of course, he invented the Tesla Coil (image above).

There’s more to the man than just a few inventions.  Reading his story is filled with intrigue (he was screwed out of $50,000 by Edison) to sadness (he died poor and alone in a hotel room) to just curiosities in a “how does a person end up like that” kind of way.  If you’re interested (and I hope you are) you can read more about Nikola Tesla at:

Nikola Tesla Resources:

And so very much more.

You can just search on Google to find huge numbers of resources on a geek who’s known among geeks but very few others.  Credit where it’s due … the world would not be what it is without Nikola Tesla.

Now rarely do I put potentially questionable materials in our blog but a couple of my favorite comedians hosted a series in which they get a historian drunk and then act out the tale he tells.  One such story is on Nikola Tesla.  Warning: there is some language that may be offensive but it definitely gets to the point.

Drunk History vol. 6 w/ John C. Reilly & Crispin Glover from Drunk History

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