Mozcon 2015: Marty Weintraub

DISCLAIMER: This post is written as a live blog from Mozcon. There may be typos and grammar to make my high school English teachers weep. Please excuse those … it’s a fast=paced conference with back-to-back sessions and no time for proofing or even proper writing.


Next up and last for the day is a speaker I’ve been looking forward to hearing from all day, Marty Weintraub from aimClear speaking on the search and social mashup. Time for me to buckle up. Word of warning – this write-up is chaotic ad a bit disjointed. Anyone who’s every heard Marty speak will easily forgive me. A lot of great information fired out in rapid succession.

He begins by chatting about the thought taht you can’t make money in social. He likes it as it leaves more for him. sounds like my thoughts when I hear link buildign is dead. “Good – more for me.”

He then moves on to talk about the key: conversion cost.

There are three areas to look at:

1 – sell with internet wide phychographics
2 – New expectations for social marketers
3 – Filtered retargeting from social cookie pools

Sell With Social Psychographic Data

He focuses on curating humans. That is, collecting data on people to market to at your leisure.

As you’re targeting on Facebook really think about what specific interests mean. “culinary tourism” for example tells you they like to go out and do stuff. If you run a restaurant at $20/plate this is a great interest.

You can also use dual root behavior. Mash together “mortgage” and “veteran” if you offer a special for veterans specifically.

So what are our social goals …

Scalable psychographic traffic
attributable conversions
real links from authority sites
social signals from strong users
focused likes, follows and shares
insulation from harsh SEO updates
PR distribution to bloggers and media

New Expectations For Social Marketers

Air BNB is a great example of doing it right. They target exact ads to a user based specifically on their behavior and where they have been on the site.

I love his statement about retargeting, “I hit that page and now I”m going to be abused.” We should be striving to not make our visitors feel that way.

Filtered Retargeting

While you’re retargeting – target the rich.
If you don’t understand filtering you shouldn’t be a marketer.
The trigger for retargeting is, “does it cost way to freakin’ much for search.” Obviously there’s more cause to retarget but this is a good point. You’ve paid the big bucks, why not get in front of them again for pennies.
While you pull them in for one reason it’s important to note whatever else they may have done and target other interests

Soon the filtering will all be programmatic and people will be needed only to decide how the creative reads.

Again – my apologies that this write-up is a bit random and disjointed. Marty’s a tough one to live blog but awesome to watch with a ton of great info.

In short – at the end of the presentation Rand himself got on the stage and noted only understanding about 20%. He Cliff Notes’d it and summarized it for us with:

We don’t have to choose our targeting – anyone who ever touches me or touches any networks or terms and target them specifically or stack variables from different data sources. We never quite got to the methods he uses which would habe been nice but in general the big things is understanding what you can do. Once you know that you can figure out the how.

The two tools we need are:

Facebook retargeting (more demographics – like salary)
Google retargeting
They launched reach rocket

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