Mobile Market is Growing! List of Top Free WordPress Mobile Templates Included


According to Reuters China’s internet population is over 649 million with 86 percent using the internet on their smart phones. Of course 86% of them are using mobile and that’s why it’s important to get your act together and join the mobile community. I’m not surprised, we’ve been going in this direction since the smart phone was developed. Like Dave Davies mentioned in yesterday’s blog that Google has created a dedicated algorithm just for the mobile space.

Are we going to see drops to desk top sites that haven’t assimilated yet? Yes of course we are and I think it’s fair time that these sites begin to drop. We have had years to prepare for this and knew that more people are going mobile and this trend won’t be going away anytime soon. If I’m not working and doing casual search I go to my phone. I rarely sit at my computer to any research or even purchasing for that matter.

When I travel I never use a computer to look things up to reserve or book restaurants accommodation and travel. I don’t have the patience for companies that aren’t mobile friendly. All that fricken pinching motion just to press the tiny little buttons drives me bonkers.

Here is a list of  top free responsive designs for 2014 from WPULTI Web Design. Some of these amazing designs are literally free and can have you moving in the right direction. Don’t be caught left behind.

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