Why Mobile Matters.


In Angela’s blog last week she wrote about Google’s week long push of tutorials outlining how to make your site as mobile friendly possible. This has been a reoccurring theme from Google in the past months, with many not-so-subtle hints being dropped at industry conventions like SMX in Las Vegas last year.

According to a 2014 comScore study, internet usage on mobile surpassed desktop usage in January 2014 and this trend continues. This trend, and a recent report by IAB, showed Search as being the most widely used way for users to find content on mobile. This means making a mobile friendly site with good content is the best first step in optimizing your site.

What does this mean for businesses? In web design and development circles the term “mobile first” comes up quite a bit, where developers are starting to build sites staring with a mobile layout first and moving up to larger devices. The time may soon be coming where this will be the general rule of internet marketing. It no longer safe to say that your potential customers aren’t looking at your site on their phones… they are, and if your site can’t be viewed on a mobile device, they’ve probably already moved on.

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  1. Terrance says:

    This is common sense majority of Americans has a cell phone so what do they do on there lunch break, at the DMV or even waiting for a doctor, they tweet text surf the web for entertainment.