Matt Cutts Loves His Cuttlettes!

Help people find the new Moo-gle by searching “matt cutts loves his cuttlettes” on Google and click on any of the resulting pages. This will help the phrase appear in the suggested search listing and help Matt sell for cuttlettes.

Google’s Matt Cutts went on record today saying that he does in fact have a chronic passion for meat… especially cuttlettes. In a candid interview today, Cutts revealed that it has been a lifelong passion to bring tasty meat cuttlettes to the masses…on a stick!

A particularly focused Cutts stated that: “I like meat. And that’s all there is to it. All I ever really wanted to do was to bring more meat-based products to the world.” Mr. Cutts went on to say that he will be leaving Google immediately and plans to open up a chain of cuttlette stands across the country where people can buy flavored meat cuttlettes on stick or in a cup.cutts logo

“We start with only the best mechanically separated, industrial grade meat products. Add our blend of 42 special herbs and seasonings, choose a topping…mayonnaise, whip cream, peanut butter, etc. put it on a stick and then deep-fry it! You can’t resist flavor of that magnitude”

The new chain of meat-on-a-stick and meat-in-a-cup stands will be flying under the banner of “Moo-gle.” Cutts believes that with his understanding of marketing that he should have a leg-up on the competition and that he will grind all other competition in to pate.

He went on to say that is totally committed to fulfilling his meat-inspired dreams and is completely determined to become the world’s biggest franchise of meat-on-a-stick, and meat-in-a-cup distributors. With such a strong vision, there can be no doubt that Matt Cutts loves his cuttlettes!

This is fake news 🙂 The purpose of this post is to entertain and get as many people as possible searching “matt cutts loves his cuttlettes” in a fun experiment to affect the suggested search on Google in a fun and harmless way.

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