Major Google Algorithm Update Or Something New?

Many webmasters have been reporting a shake up in search traffic and rankings over the past day or so. While no one is sure exactly whether we’re looking at a Penguin update, Panda update, or something entirely new, it’s apparent somethings grinding away in the Google gears. Many are seeing rankings fluctuate between 100’s and even 1000’s of positions.

We’d love to report exactly what webmasters are seeing but most channels are reporting conflicting information, with some claiming Penguin and others speculating a possible Panda refresh. Some interesting points however concern both Twitters return to being indexed by Google, and rumors of a Mobile specific algorithm.

While specifics aren’t known at this time – as algorithms generally run over multiple weeks, the great thing about the SEO community, is the incredible pool of knowledge and passion for dissecting algorithms. I have no doubt it won’t be long until we have some concrete answers. We’ll keep you posted as the story develops further!

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  1. David Mackenzie-Kong says:

    I get so excited with these new updates.