Link Building and The Power of Community

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The strength of your website is unfortunately still measured by the power of your backlinks. I don’t like to think of this strength in relation to backlinks but rather community. I like to think of community as the vehicle that drives your backlinks. If you build your community well then you will most likely have what it takes to get your content out there.

Building the audience takes time and effort. Most importantly it’s the ability to identify you’re your valued people and engage with them. The engagement is what takes time identifying the influencers should be fairly easy to read. The influence will most likely be the most active in the community. Influence can be brand or individual people. This is where social media becomes handy and this isn’t just posting on your page and watching for engagement. That won’t work. You actually have to go fishing for them and most likely they will be in a forum or a group. Here you will see definite influence engagement. Having your digital team become a contributor to the group will most likely land you friends that will inevitably find interest in your brand and hook you up with other groups and people to connect with.

Use Your Community to Help Test Your Link Building Strategy

Once you have a community, then you will be able to experiment with what content works best. You can’t just say I’m building valuable and resourceful material and expect your community to get you backlinks. Audiences react to different content. Staying trendy doesn’t always bring them back to you. Using Facebook Groups, Google Communities as well as social bookmarking like Reddit are amazing resources. I like to experiment with content on these sites to see how well it generates traffic then see how they flow through the website and the bounce rate using Google analytics. The higher the bounce rate means that your on page content was not interesting enough and they flaked off. This also means your community may like your blog post but disliked your website. Essentially your core bored them to death. This is definitely where community can be very powerful. As they evolve so will your onsite and blogging content.

If your onsite content is done well and your blog brought in traffic. You will see that high traffic but also a low bounce rate with high time on site. You can then use AHrefs to measure any links that occurred during that traffic impulse.

You need community so you can adapt your onsite material as your community evolves. There is power in community and worth the investment of time.

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