Don’t Say Link Building

I get very irritated with people that say link-building. Don’t get me wrong I love building links but just using the term link building is so empty and one dimensional. Building links isn’t one dimensional in fact it’s more 3 dimensional and involves a little love. It takes a specific understanding on the fundamentals of relationship then knowing how to communicate those fundamentals.


I hate that, I’m not sure if you remember my post in 2014 titled “I Want My Links” but I’m pretty much saying the same thing to all of you who call it link-building…. STOP IT!!!!

So what do I call it then?

Do you have to call it something?

Let’s go through the fundamentals then you can make your own mind up what to call it.

Discover, learn about your community, understand your target market. Build followers, engage gain subscribers. Build up your fan base, evangelists and relationship with industry influence.

Once you understand the demographic surrounding your company it’s time to decide what platforms best suit your publishing and engagement needs. Some social platforms are good but not for everybody. Think about the tools you may need to use, such as Hootsuite, Mailchimp, content scheduling plugins or Hub Spot. Remember you need tools that can help you track your content endeavors.

Make a Fricken Schedule

Create an editorial schedule that has a constant run of inventive and attention grabbing content to dish out to your ideal demographic.

Think Of More Than One Style Of Media For Content

1. Written copy- Blogs-PDF/whitepapers/e-books/newsletters

2. Podcasts-create an industry leading podcast or at least apply to make appearances on established PCs

3. Video- Get out there and create video that works well for your industry, Instagram, Vine, Facebook, Twitter

4. Images– Get creative make eye catching images. For our short term attention span this really is a great way to have them consider your brand. Make a work of art

Own Your Content Distribution Platforms

When I say own the platform, I mean make it yours make an effort to use the tools provided by those platforms and think outside the box. Make sure you stay in tune with what’s going on in you universe. Communicate talk, advertise. Advertise; make the most of that awesome content.

Make sure you make that budget for platform advertising. It really doesn’t cost a-lot and it can make an impact. Twitter just added advertising and the function can really do what Twitter hasn’t been able to do for you in a long time. That’s get your brand content in front of perspective clients. Not in front of all those other millions of SEOs out there.

It’s not about instant gratification. It takes time to build but if the machine is built right your links will naturally come to you.

You will see an increase in visibility – word of mouth and client reach, as well as a solid foundation that search engine shake ups can’t  destroy. Go out there and educate yourself at how you can increase your content marketing skills. Or give me a call and I can help you get on track.

Ha! I think I just called Link Building, Content Marketing

Well at the very least Content Marketing is a huge chunk of Linkbuilding

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