Link Build to Your Creative Side

Building link relationships demands creativity but what happens when you’re the creative tap runs dry?

The businessman with a beard pointing to the bulb. Idea concept.  Vector flat design illustration. Horizontal layout with a text space in a left.

Get over yourself! The creativity runs through you

Your emails are far from convincing and you’re just not sure how to pitch your cooperative ideas. Webmasters, journalists and bloggers aren’t even picking up the phone to talk and brainstorming ideas smell like rotten eggs.

Don’t worry you haven’t lost any creative juices it’s just that your self-doubt has become overwhelming. Not that doubt is a bad thing it’s only just a signal to pay attention to adapt with what you are confronted with. I’m sure you all know by now that this digital world continues to change evolve and take on drastic face lifts. We can easily forget and begin to feel trapped.

Looking out for the doubt signal can actually open new doors. It may also open the door to think outside the box; it may also free you from your own concealed box. A great talk on this very topic was by Alan Iny from his TED talk in 2013. I encourage you even if you don’t yourself stumped to watch this video and give it some thought.

Click here for Alan’s TED Talk



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