Layout From Instagram – A great addition to social media

With the rise of advertising on facebook and Twitter many daily users are skipping content that doesn’t stand out. Facebook and Twitter both realize this and have offered applications to help you get noticed.
Pictures and video are some of the top ways to get noticed amongst all the clutter on social feeds. Many of have downloaded tool after tool looking for third party apps to help us publish eye catching tools. The top of the list would be photo-collage apps these can enhance viewer click through and have been the most downloaded apps in the last two years. They are great for storytelling and conveying an experience but finding the right app can be annoying.


Some have great features but many of them can be user unfriendly. Instagram noticed this and Facebook realized that more people would click through a photo-collage than a single picture. Layout
Intagram released “Layout from Instagram” an easy to use collage with direct linking to facebook. The layouts are simple but the overall look is eye catching. After you have created your layout they give you the choice to upload directly onto facebook, Instagram or use Instagram filters and tools to enhance the overall picture. Available for iOS and will be available in the coming months for Android. Definitely a must have app to apply into your social marketing.

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