Invisible influence – My Favorite Free Tools to Help You Become Visible

Building a personality influence on the web may take some time and effort but it will pay off in the end. Beyond the obvious social media platforms to engage and publish it does help to have a few tools to help you with knowing who what and where to connect with on the web. Listed below are must haves free tools to help you with charting out your road to influence. (formerly
This tool is probably the top of my free list. I like this tool for finding out locally who is best to connect with. It can help target different skills in different locations. It does count the number of followers and I need to remind you people still do buy love on the net. Double check their engagement and quality of posts because you don’t need to be tainted from bad social practices.
Use this to find out what skills match what you are looking for and if the quality of their social posts work for you. I like to use this for tracking down brands for interviews, engagement and possible guest post opportunities.

Editor’s note: We’d like to thank Yunier Gonzales for letting us know about the rebrand.  He wrote a piece on why they rebranded on his own site here.
I use this because it really does help me gauge who has positive engagement. It basically helps me get a good idea that if I invest time and effort into a cooperative campaign I will most likely get something in return. This shouldn’t be trusted all the time but if time doesn’t permit you to inspect every single person you meet this is a great go to. It helps to find top influencers on different topics. When you build a campaign you need that person on the other end to do their part. This can help you make that decision.
I use Twitter to do a large portion of networking within different industries. I find it a great way to promote brands I believe in and find other influence to work with. I need to find out if that person actually tweets or just pumps out robotic tweets. Just because they tweet a lot doesn’t mean they are the best Tweeter. Let’s just say the outreach level is my favorite anywhere from 7to12 means they honestly respond to other Tweets and engage. This means they are usually using the Twitter platform to network therefore will help you get noticed a lot easier.

Keeping up with the Jones’s isn’t easy work and it takes a little elbow grease to get there. Using these tools will help Life Hack those opportunities and get you closer to your goal. Remember there are also many new social sharing applications popping up for mobile. Take advantage of them and find fun and interesting ways to magnify your influence.

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