How to be an influence? Be of Service

What Is Influence?

influence marketingTom Ziglar says; “Your attitude is a reflection of your character and your character is a reflection of your habits”. This is the core foundation to how being an influence works. It’s all the same for an individual as it is for a business or sales.

A professional sales person always makes sure that their customers are the big winner. A sales process is not something you do to somebody but instead it is something you do for somebody. This again was a point Zig Ziglar would make over and over again. If your strategy for sales is something you do to somebody then you may as well call yourself a con artist. This makes clear sense

This line of thinking runs into the digital marketing world. Sure onsite, page speed and all the back end is important but what about the front end?

Is your content speaking at the visitor or is it speaking with a purpose of influencing your visitor in a positive way. Does it have a direct effect on the behavior and development of the visitor. In social media are you speaking at them or with them. This again is one of the biggest mistakes in social media that the business becomes so self involved they forget about their audience.

Be of service and you will begin to become the influence in your industry or home life.




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