Holiday SEO and The Joy of Giving

Tis the season and the holidays are nearing. Warm festivities and the smell of ginger bread will surround us but this is not a fact for many unfortunate people in the coming season. This is why it’s a perfect time to use our marketing abilities for the greater good. We all know the world could use some superhero strength.

Gingerbread man present
The Holiday season can mark one of the busiest times for local SEO and there are ways we can actually do well for both the business and our friends in need. Here are a couple tips to start.

Start a local charity drive for low-income and people in need. Food clothing and warm jackets are always needed. Incorporate a drive on your social media and company blog to generate a ROI for our friends in need. Incorporate stories of good will to encourage others to give. Join forces with other local businesses to help strengthen your efforts and to provide that extra boost everyone involved in the campaign. Make social media work boost those FB adds to maximize your visibility.

Create a fund raising donations page with a local non-profit. Be sure to add local media groups to the mix like weekly newspapers and bloggers to keep the interest going. Creating donation map pages where the donation bucket incorporates QR codes or hashtags that give discounts for giving from the places that sponsor (stores or coffee shops) the donations for the non-profit.

It’s not only a good time to invest in your local community but it’s also a time to strengthen local relationships and make an impact for future campaigns. No matter what rout you take for the holidays make it fun creative and make sure it positively and publicly engaging. We can make a difference and help those in need and there is no better place than in your own community.

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