Happy Birthdays All Around !!!

Taking us into the weekend (and a long weekend up here in Canada on top of that) we’ve got two big happy birthdays going out.

John Lennon – Jon Lennon would be turning 70 tomorrow and Google has a video logo to celebrate.  I’m not even going to get into the significance the man had on 60’s/70’s culture – if you don’t know you’re probably too young to care but I will post the Google’s logo:

Mario – And our little friend Mario will be turning 29 on Sunday.  On October 10, 1981 he was born of Nintendo as Jumpman in the arcade classing Donkey Kong.  Still an awesome game today.  He wasn’t named Mario until Donkey Kong Junior.  Also a classic. 🙂 And now, a little fun to take you into the weekend …

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