Top Google Tools For Small Business

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#1 Webmaster Tools and Analytics

Let’s face it, if you want to help your chances out understanding your online health, direction and everything important this is the number one tool. You can’t expect to survive on Google Without them.
I primarily use Analytics when planning and reporting but this tool does help with understanding your audience as well as targeting new ones.

#2 Google Trends

This is more fun for me but it can help you identify current hot topics or the ups and downs for trends. Great place for creating your annual content marketing strategy.

#3 Google AdWords
If you don’t have this go get it. You don’t need to have your certification to use the components. The AdWords keyword data will help you find those crucial keywords in your industry that will help you get to the top or at least get in front of those who search. Whether it’s for your site or blog you should spend a good chunk of time getting to know this tool.

#4 Structured Data Testing Tool
Anybody who knows me well knows that Schema is my favorite for many reasons. You need to apply this to your site ASAP and you can find out by searching for Schema in the blog library. It’s the bling of the SERPS and it will definitely get you noticed. It’s fully recognized by all major search engines. Do it now!

#5  Google Mobile Friendly Test
Go get a fricken responsive or mobile site already! Look it’s important to have a mobile site and not having one will hurt you and your bounce will go like crazy. If you’re not sure if your site is mobile friendly check this tool out. There are plenty of responsive Word press templates out there and not hard to find. If you have Adwords set up and want to find out the value of mobile is for your site click Full Value of Mobile

Let us know what your favorite Google tools are below in the comments. Heck let us know what tools you like to use even if they aren’t Google.


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