Google Hopes to Boost Home Service Providers

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The Future of search is once again quickly evolving as it always does. We can see this happening with algorithms becoming more personalized and localized. I  forecast that it will be a short matter of time before links hold no weight. This will be a better situation on all levels of business, not only bigger companies that can afford top quality SEO.
An economy is only as strong as the strength of its local economy but that depends how well those smaller companies can get to their client. This is why Google’s new move to enter the home service provider market could be a great thing. Yesterday it was the best marketing tool to place an ad in the local paper or the phone book. That was easy enough to place an ad but for local companies to know how to get seen on digital, most are left not knowing. This could hurt the company.

Knowing how to adapt to these algorithm changes is critically important for the smaller local companies. Plumbers and local contractors will need to know how to add local SEO , SCHEMA , content marketing as well as social media. I had a local flooring company and started on very little. I had no money for advertising and at the time the internet was rather slow but print advertising still produced an ROI. I wish at the time I had all the digital availability that is offered today.
I consider what Google is doing could be a great thing for small contracting companies. What is going to make or break this for clients is if they are digitally savvy or not.

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