Good Riddance Microsoft Internet Explorer

Microsoft Internet Explorer finally get’s pulled  and replaced with Project Spartan. Internet Explorer has never been a popular product with a love-hate relationship or just hated the product altogether. So what created this negativity for internet explorer?

When Microsoft integrated IE into Windows as a mandatory item that made it difficult to uninstall and use other browsers on your desk top. From 1996 to 2001 Microsoft had 95% of the search market.

Firefox popped it’s head into the game and droves from the search market headed to FireFox. This was an awakening to Microsoft but not enough to get them moving along. Their stale search system had a major Security Hole leaving users systems vulnerable and crashing computers right left and center.

Microsoft’s inability to maintain its system as but the people that it disrupted the most were Web Developers. Web developers switch back and for tweeking their sites for how they’ll look from browser to browser. Unfortunately IE displays their developments like muck out of the garburator.

These mistakes hurt Microsoft’s professional integrity losing a good chunk of the industry. With Project Sparta they hope to bring back user integrity as well over all devices. Many believe that Microsoft is too late to save them.

Have a look at the presentation from Chris Capossela of Microsoft as he presents Project Sparta and leave a response below.

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