Digital Feng Shui for Modern Web Design

The concept of Feng Shui doesn’t just apply to homes and environment. Surprisingly enough it works for  web design as well.

Zen stones

What is Feng Shui?
According to Wikipedia it’s about harmonizing everyone with their surrounding environment. Feng Shui is commonly applied to orient buildings and is one of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics.
Here are some ideas based from Feng Shui to apply to your web site design.

We often tend to over think what our clients want or are stuck to only what we want. During this time of web design we muddle the page up with too much content pictures and video. Maintaining a simple clean page will not sway your visitor away but allow the eye to be targeted where you may want the eye to be lead to on the page. It is very important to keep in mind for PPC landing pages as you want to earn a call to action.

Colors and Shades
It’s almost logical to say that dark colors bring dark feelings and bright simple pages bring happiness and can pull the viewer in. Bold colors can draw the viewer’s interest and mimicking air and water colors are probably the foundation but making sure the colors you choose are positive. Never place colors that give a dirty effect. Make sure your media and graphics are well defined and don’t lose the site ton long page speeds.

Ground your viewer and give them a focus point like a brand logo or a give them the ability to move throughout the site with a navigational component. If you give the client easy access throughout your site they will feel a connection and it will ground them feeling safe and less frustrated with your site.

Don’t trap the flow with blocky web design. Starting and stopping can leave a potential client or viewer tired an frustrated. Make sure there is a visible flow. This include your content make sure there is a logical sense to it so our brain don’t bounce themselves off your website.
When developing links for your site make them honest be real. Most importantly be carefully who you mingle with. If they are tarnished in any way those feelings they have can and most likely will be associated with you. Mixing with the wrong crowd will only cause you and your investment to sink.

Honesty will outlast a lie… I think a wise man like Matt Cutts had mentioned this before.

Remember the elements we are connected to in our natural environment also affect us in our digital enviroment.

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The elements we are connected to in our natural environment also affect us in our digital environment.
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