Facebook Patents Influence Algorithm For Advertising

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Influence Marketing is a growing and booming in content marketing as well as social media. My last blog on the movie Generation Like that discussed how major brands notice the impact that influence can have but then again so do others on the internet and some of them are no older than 12 years old.

According to Jennifer Slegg in a recent article in The SEM Post, Facebook has a new patent that doesn’t just look at the numbers but quality shares that resulted in the highest increased share rate.

I’ve seen enough social media profiles that have the numbers but just don’t have that engagement or simply share irrelevant content that their audience just doesn’t care for. Just like Jenn said; “If Facebook can successfully have this up and running it will definitely present unique opportunity for advertisers”.

Remember, just because you have a large following doesn’t mean you are special. It’s all about how you engage with your audience and how and what content you feed out to them.

You can read more on the Facebook patent on Techcrunch

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