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Facebook Now Allows You To Flag A “False News Story”

It’s happened to all of us. You click on a particularly interesting article in your Facebook news feed, only to find that you’ve been a victim of click bait or a hoax.  Well today Facebook has announced it’s recruiting it’s users in an effort to clean up it’s news feed by introducing the “false news story” flag, in an effort to clean up it’s news feed and offer users more valuable information in their feed.

report a facebook news feed hoaxNews feed spam or hoaxes can include the typical “Click here to win 100 pounds of your favorite coffee” and are often shared among users.  The function works in the same fashion as reporting spam. If you click the drop down to report the story you’re now given the extra option. Facebook reports that stories that include misleading information are twice as likely to be reported by users than regular new stories.

Facebook will track how the amount of times a story has been reported and subsequently reduce it’s distribution in the news feed. Posts that receive too many complaints will feature an annotation that will let the user now it has been marked as a hoax or spam.

For those worried it may impact satirical news sites like “The Onion”, Facebook assures that these sorts of sites a generally not reported and should feel no impact from the new tagging system.


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