Don’t Be Fake


Creating relationships is a basic foundation for the modern day link-builder. Faking your twitter establishment will get you nowhere and in fact it will hinder your link-building potential. I reached out for a large company who asked for my services because their SEO  was very frustrated with link building. I have many connections in their industry but my connections I had reached out to pointed out that the company was digitally worth nothing to them. I asked why and they returned with they have no real followers on Twitter and their blog is authored by their SEO company. I normally have a look at the company’s social media and content marketing first but because it was so late in the month I just got down to business.

Social media is based on social and brand personality as well as trust. Don’t ever buy followers, likes or shares and for goodness sake don’t have your SEO company author your articles. This game leads to nowhere as it’s an empty room full of empty faces. Reaching out for guest posts you need a face behind the article with some KLOUT. Take time to build a reputable name and never buy your friends.

  • Build a real social following. This way your content will have a better chance getting shared and guest authoring opportunities will come your way.
  • Create a face behind your brand. Make sure they author your blogs and reach out socially.

Almost all 4,000 followers were all FAKE. Here is an example of what fake followers look like. Promise me you don’t do this.

bad follow.JPG1


  1. Jane says:

    SO true–even a number of BLACK HAT SEO specialists will tell you not to get into the fake followers business. It’s just not worth it! Hypothetical case in point: you get 30k followers for your company today.Twitter senses something’s not quite right and proceeds to a flurry of bans / suspensions. In less than a week, you lose half of your followers. Your real human followers get a wind on this, and you risk losing something even more: your brand’s authenticity.