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Deere John, You Are The Content King

john deere

There continues to be businesses that seem to have a hard time accepting their blog as being valuable. Even if they do have a blog most of the time they throw anything up there.

the furrow by John DeereWhen I need to explain the importance of content or the significance of a blog, I refer to Joe Pulizzi and  how he explains the way John Deere used print to become the industry authority. In 1895 the John Deere Company published a print magazine called “The Furrow”. This magazine was not intended to be a sales catalog but instead to educate farmers on new technology. This non promotional magazine became the go to resource for the agriculture industry. This was the economic BOOM that the company needed blasting John Deere into the ultimate authority.

This very type of non self-promotional content marketing is catching on…finally
Companies such as Coca-Cola, Disney and also many leading music industry leaders are publishing similar content sites. Many are as going as far as not using it for monetary value or link building schemes. The value is that you become the number one resource. Your audience can go and feel like they’re not being sold something or bombarded with half-truths. They have trust built and pure relationship with their readers.

His concept could be used on so many levels including small local business that would like to strengthen and grow.

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