Content Promoting Tips That Will Make Your Content Fly

Content crossword concept written with marker on white paper.

Relationship building and content promotion can be the strong way to strengthen your social community. From simple interviews to quotes and mentions this simple act can drive traffic back to your site and most importantly drive new interest to your brand.

Interviews will generally bring new traffic back to the site or gain new fans socially. Nine times out of ten when an influence is highlighted they will more likely publish out on their social platforms at the same time introducing your brand to their audience. This is valuable but it’s important to communicate how worthwhile self-promotion can be when first initiating the cooperative campaign so you can make the most of the content that you produce.

Quotes and mentions is another indirect way of gaining attention and new followers. The trick is how you publish out your content on twitter or social platform. When publishing direct engagement to the person that you mentioned or send them an e-mail letting them you did quote or mentioned them. By doing this they will more likely retweet and share your ego baited item.

Involving others in your content can be a useful driver for propelling your brand to a new crowd and drawing back new interest. Plus it keeps your blog content interesting and diverse helping you maintain the interest of the reader.

For a more in-depth look on content promoting read “17Advanced Methods for Promoting Your New Piece of Content” by KissMetrics

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