95% of content marketers don’t know what they’re doing. -Says Tim Ash

95% of content marketers are “doing it wrong.” We’re all “we-weing” on our customers (look at how many times your website says ‘we’ to see if you need a diaper).” Tim Ash


Are you part of that 95% ?

One of my biggest peeves is when a blog is a contestant sales pitch or even one long boasting parade of how amazing a company is. The content is drowned out by ego and fluff literally not allowing any content to get any traction on the web. I like to call them “Junk Words”.

burning dollar in hand isolated on a black

If your content has ego- Burn a Benjamin

Writing 5 times a week of ego driven content will get you nowhere and you would be better off lighting a bucket full of Benjamin’s on fire.

One of my favorite blogs this week comes from Dechay Watts referencing Tim Ash from the Content Marketing Conference in Las Vegas. She discusses what Tim Thinks as well as adds a few must haves when publishing content.

Strategy and goals is #1 on the list for content marketing. You need a solid plan of what focus your content needs plus who and ho your going to publish it.

“If you don’t have a concrete business goal tied to each of these responses, maybe content marketing isn’t for you. We are all still figuring out the ‘best way’ to do content marketing, but goals and a strategy to achieve them must come before tactics”Dechay Watts

A content publishing calendar is #2. This  makes sure you deliver your content when expected by your followers.

Imagination and creativity is #3. One of my most favorite and one I highly recommend as important. This keeps things interesting for the reader and sparks a flame to your readers fire. Instead of burning a bucket full of Benjamen’s you will be making Benjamen’s with this one. Make sure your content isn’t just written but that you are utilizing all spectrum of media.

Site Tuners
President and CEO
Tim Ash is the president and CEO of Site Tuners. One of the leading Landing Page Optimization and internet marketing companies besides Beanstalk.
Sprout Content
Dechay Watts is the Chief Strategy Officer for Sprout Content. Her vigor for great content helped build Sprout Content.

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