Consistency equals Community

CCBuilding a social media community that is strong and long lasting takes time as well as effort. A community isn’t built over night and it takes consistency along with engagement.

Consistency is the key to preparing the perfect foundation for a social community. Consistent distribution of content that will maintain interest and conversation is key when trying to grow your profile subscriptions. One of the many ways of finding out what content to publish is by direct  is engagement. You often need to stir the pot before any acknowledgement becomes clear that the content is interesting or not. Once you get the momentum going the more likely you will get the community talking.

A community is about many members not just the brand. Involving your community in the content you write will definitely help create the social signals you desire and often more quickly than any other content out there. An example of this would be employee of the month type content giving away incentives to the featured community member.What this does is spark the members ego with the desire to be special. Others will become proactive in the community in order to highlighted and granted an incentive.

Setting aside a budget for monthly incentives will help boost your engagement. Not only will it help by giving things away but you can draw from that budget and work cooperatively with another brand to share audience with monthly social contests. This will magnify your signal by allowing another influential brand to share you on their own page.

Creating campaigns for social by allowing subscribers to guest author material on your site. Content like tips, tricks and resource are always great ways top bring in viewership, shares and likes.

No matter what you do always remember to be consistent with your content,engage with your subscribers and involve your community on your page. By sticking to this plan you will gradually grow your community and strengthen your ability to stand out from the crowd.

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